Hey, I am Liel Amar.

I am a

with over 7 years of experience.

My Skills

Fullstack Developer

I am mostly skilled in Java, Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, SQL and Git. I have experience with HTML5, CSS3, MongoDB, PHP, C# and Linux.

Graphic Designer

I primarily work with Adobe Photoshop to design logos & icons and edit photos. I am familiar with Adobe Lightroom and Illustrator.

Video Editor

Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Media Encoder are the main tools I use for video editing. I am also experienced with Vegas Pro.

My Work

Israel Defense Forces

Israel Defense Forces

Lead Developer

In the IDF, I served as a developer, and later on founded Unit 88. I was working on several software and applications used by over 2,000 soldiers to this day.


Hypixel Network

Staff Member

Hypixel is the largest Minecraft Network with over 20 million players, there I have been volunteering for 2 years, from 2019 to 2021. I mainly focused on player assistance, but I also trained new staff members, reported bugs, and tested new feautes and updates.

Minestore Plugin


Developer & UI Designer

Minestore is a Buycraft (Tebex) alternative with a primary goal of authenticating purchases In-Game. It is written in Java and NodeJS, using Sockets, Databases and more cool stuff! Source-Code is available on GitHub.

Liel's Utils Lib

Liel's Utils


Liel's Utils is a set of libraries for Spigot. The libraries include but not limited to Packets, Custom Entities, Scoreboards, Bossbars, Validation, Databases, Maps, GUIs and Commands. Source-Code is available on GitHub.

Party Games Plugin

Party Games


Party Games is a Spigot plugin, a fork of Hypixel's Party Games plugin. It contains 26 different Minigames and tens of features, while being highly customizable. Source-Code is available on GitHub.

2FA Plugin



Two Factor Authentication is an Authentication Spigot plugin. It allows players to use Authentication Apps such as Google Authenticator, using the TOTP algorithm. Source-Code is available on GitHub.

Language Fix Plugin

Language Fix


LanguageFix is a fork of HebrewFix. It was developed to give a better solution for Right-To-Left issues in Minecraft, supporting every RTL language with a better algorithm. Source-Code is available on GitHub.

Arms Race Plugin

Arms Race


ArmsRace is a one of its kind Minecraft Minigame. It features Combat and Shop Systems, Cosmetics, Skills, Perks, Pickups, Unlimited Maps, Unlimited Tiers and more.

Liel's Core Lib

Liel's Core


Liel's Core is a Spigot plugin created to handle, enable and disable certain aspects of Minecraft. It has more than 50 essentials features including Commands and Properties. Source-Code is available on GitHub.

Talecraft SMP


Developer & Manager

Talecraft was a Youtubers SMP Server with custom-coded Minigames and Features. With over 15 Youtubers, Talecraft became one of the most popular and followed shows in the Israeli Youtube Community.



Management Team

Play-IL is the biggest gaming community in Israel. I was taking a part of the Management Team since 2017 and my role varies between helping with development, server management and staff management.

Play-IL Network

Play-IL Network

Manager & Lead Developer

Play-IL Network was a Minecraft Network. It offered over 10 different Minigames and attracted thousands of players. The official youtube channel, containing several videos about the Network, can be found here.

Hebrew Fix

Hebrew Fix

Proxy Developer

HebrewFix is the largest Israeli Bukkit plugin, developed to fix Right-To-Left issues in Minecraft. Source-Code is available on BitBucket for the Bukkit version and on GitHub for the BungeeCord version.

Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel

Editor & Designer

Liel Amar is my Youtube Channel, used to share my videos, media and content. I have collaborated with different Youtubers and worked on large amount of projects.

Liel's Discord Bot

Liel's Discord Bot


Liel's Bot is a discord bot used in LielAmar's Discord Server. It is being developed with Python and is capable of Self-Moderation, Hypixel Linking using its Public API, Logging Actions, Contacting Staff and much more.

Cybernet's Logo

Attendance System

Developer & UI Designer

Cybernet's Attendance System is a Node JS website developed during Covid-19. It is targeted for Community Centers to save, manage and display Student's Attendance and Health Statements in their classes.

Complete Permissions Plugin



Complete Permissions is an advanced permissions plugin for Spigot. It offers a lot of features other lead plugins lack and focuses on being efficient and easy to use.

MyCinema Android App


Developer & UI Designer

MyCinema is an Android Application used to view, review and order tickets for new movies. It was written in Java, PHP and SQL, and includes built-in Registration and Administration functionalities.

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